Adding Value to Your Outdoor Space with Electric A...

Any kind of improvement to your outdoor space can help to add value. Value does not necessarily mean an improvement in the material price of the house (though this can happen too when a garden is markedly improved). Value means improving your way of life and getting more out of your home and your surroundings. In this sense, electric awnings tick all the boxes, making gardens more enjoyable spaces to be and improving the sense of wellbeing you can get from being in your space. Awnings are a kind of home extension, extending living space and internal rooms out into the garden and making them one; from this point of view they are a major home improvement and yet they... Read More »

Creating the perfect retreat in your garden

With the UK finally seeing some lovely weather, many of us have taken to our gardens to enjoy the sunshine. It may be that you are not happy with your garden and feel that you do not have a nice place to relax in. If this is the case then you can look at ways in which you can create the perfect retreat, somewhere to relax and unwind in after a long hard day. Firstly, you need to think about where the sun will be at different times in the day. It may be that you are at work during the day so want to find an area that will still get the sun when you come home from work.... Read More »

How to make your house more modern on a budget

If you are looking to make a room in your house a bit more modern but cannot afford or haven’t got the time for a complete makeover, then there are some great tips below that can help transform it overnight. Firstly, you need to look around your room and establish what it is that is making it look dated. Is it the old, tiled fireplace or the dollies you have scattered around? Sometimes mismatch furniture also makes a room look dated. Simply decluttering and removing any old ornaments or dated scatter cushions can make a huge difference. Have a look at the lamps you have in your home and lightshades. These are often relatively cheap to replace but can change... Read More »

Retractable Canopies for Al Fresco Living this Sum...

Al fresco conjures up an image of happy, sunny times spent in the great outdoors. This might be on a balcony, in a garden, on a terrace or anywhere at all – the main thing is to be able to enjoy the fresh air and get the physical and mental benefits of being outside. Retractable canopies can play a crucial part in obtaining a more al fresco way of life; they make outdoor areas more inviting and more practical to use on a regular basis. You can get more out of the outdoors with the help of a garden canopy. Garden canopies are now far more commonplace than they used to be as well, meaning they can be easily obtained... Read More »

Creating a home office that is practical and beaut...

So many of us have had to adapt to home working over the last 12 months and although we are hopefully coming to an end of having to work from home, for some this has inspired them to change jobs. It may be that during the pandemic you set up or planned how to set up your own business. This may allow you to work from home, but do you have an adequate place to work from? If you have a spare room or even an area in a room such as under the stairs, then you could create a home office. Having an office to work from can help improve your productivity and also allow you to keep the... Read More »