How to find the right dinning room table for your ...

A dining room is a place where you can relax and unwind, enjoying a meal with family or friends. Some people have a separate dining room whilst others have a living room / dining room or a kitchen diner. When choosing your dining room table, it is important to consider how many seats you need around the table and also how much room you have available. If you often need to seat 6 or more people then you will need a large table. If there is only 2-4 of you and you rarely have people round for dinner then a smaller table will often be enough. Extending tables are the perfect option for those with limited space but who would... Read More »

Rattan furniture for your garden

With England still under lockdown, many of us are looking forward to the warmer weather and being able to get out and enjoy the garden. Often people have patio dining sets that consist of a table and 4 or 6 chairs in which they can enjoy a meal around but these aren’t always the comfiest if you want to sit in them for long periods of time. Rattan furniture sets are the perfect addition to any garden. You can buy a number of different configurations such as two or three seater sofas, single chairs, corner sofas and coffer tables. These can be moved around to how best fits in the space you have available. You can often pick up a... Read More »

Is your bathroom leaking?

Often the first thing you will know about a leak in your bathroom is water pouring through the ceiling below. This is an all-too-common event and can be caused by a number of things. Often one of the reasons for water leaking through the floorboards of your bathroom is the silicon around the outside of the bath or shower. Although you may not realise it, the silicon actually plays a huge role in stopping water from the bath or shower leaking down the side and through the ceiling below. You may notice that your silicon has started to lift or that it is split in places. Once you have identified where the issue is you can look to replace the... Read More »

How to make the most out of a small living room

If the rooms in your home are relatively small, it is important that you try and ensure that you make them look as spacious as possible. Obviously, having less items and furniture in the room will make it look bigger but it is a balancing act and you still want it to look homely and be comfortable. First of all, try and think carefully about the furniture in the room. Sofas with big bulky arms or high backs can just make the room look even smaller. Maybe try and choose a slim line corner sofa which you can pad out with cushions to add extra comfort. You don’t have to have a coffee table in the middle of your room,... Read More »

Creating a practical but elegant home office

So many of us have found ourselves having to work from home this year and it may be for some that this becomes the norm. Many jobs can be done from the comfort of our own home but often there can be too many distractions and it is not ideal if you are working from your sofa. It may eb that you have a spare room or even an area within another room that you can use as an office. Some people use the space under the stairs or section of part of a dining room. A home office needs to be practical but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the overall look and finish. Fully fitted bespoke... Read More »