Why Choose Metal Tile Trim?

Tile trim is used to edge tiles and finish them off in a way that looks high-end and professional. Whilst tile trim might not sound like much, it is absolutely essential when finishing off work to a high standard. You really won’t be able to achieve a quality look without tile trim. There are lots of different trim finishes you can choose from, depending on your personal preferences and your budget. Metal tile trim is a good option, that will go with almost anything. It isn’t necessarily going to be the cheapest – plastic will probably be a lower price – but few other types are going to give you the same kind of quality finish.

Choosing New Furniture for your Conservatory

The conservatory is a room that can be used all year round, as long as you have adequate heating. If you are going to be using it during the colder winter months, it will no longer feel like a sunroom – it will be more like an extension of the rest of your house. It’s important you choose furniture to reflect the multipurpose usage of this space, to make it feel appropriate all year round. Most people use the conservatory as a space to relax. If you are going to do this, consider putting in a proper sofa and some chairs as well. Stay away from rattan, as this will have a distinctly summery feel. Go for neutral colours, like... Read More »

Is a Glass Room Also Good for Winter?

A glass room has a somewhat summery feel about it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the sun streaming in, whilst you relax with beautiful views of your garden and a cup of coffee. You shouldn’t rule out the use of a glass room in the winter as well, though. There can be something very beautiful about the concept of sitting indoors and enjoying the view, without being cold and uncomfortable. Some might even call it a decadent way to enjoy the outdoors. Glass rooms can actually stay very warm in the winter, so you needn’t worry about cold. The sun coming in will warm it up immediately, as the room is almost exclusively made of glass. You will... Read More »

New Lighting for your Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that needs to be light. It will make it easier to cook, easier to eat and much nicer to spend time in. Natural and artificial lighting can really help to uplift a kitchen and make it a more integral part of the home. A good light fitting on the ceiling is important. Ask an electrician to install it for you, unless you are qualified yourself. Choose the design you want – you can look online but it is probably worth visiting a shop as well to see how the lights look in real life. They may hang down lower than you realised or they might be a different size to what you were expecting. You... Read More »

The Importance of Natural Light in your Home

Lots of homeowners aspire to having a light property that has a spacious feel. This is best achieved through using natural light as often, artificial lighting just won’t be able to live up to it and won’t create the same feel. Natural light is recognised to have a number of benefits, including: It’s good for mood and productivity. People work better in spaces that are lighter. It helps to save energy. Natural light can make a room brighter so there is no need to use lamps. It is aesthetically pleasing. The lighter a room, the better. It will look more appealing. A good way to introduce more natural light into a space is through using rooflights. They will let natural... Read More »