Choosing a New Gate for your Property

A new gate can make all the difference to the exterior appearance of your property. It can also add additional security, especially if you choose something like a tall driveway gate that would be a good deterrent if someone was considering breaking in to your property. The kind of gate you choose will depend entirely on what your home is like and what you want your new gate to do for you. First of all, you need to decide on the aesthetic that is right for you. Do you want a traditional wrought iron gate? Would you prefer a wooden garden gate? Or perhaps a modern metal gate would best meet you needs? Whatever you choose, make sure it complements... Read More »

The Markilux Roof Festoon in the Conservatory

The roof is amongst the part of the home that should perform its best to keep things running. Any disorder in the integrity of the ceiling and the entire home can be a part of the sand. It not only protects us from heat, cold and rain but acts as a perfect support for your roof lightings. The integrity of the ceiling can be sustained through the regular inspection and maintenance work. Never allow your roof to let in a position, where it can not be repaired. Routine maintenance and inspection are the tools that enable your roof to function properly during its entire lifetime.

The 5 Most Important Checks Before You Install A W...

Woodburners are very much in fashion at the period and for two reasons that usually command attention – money and looks. Firstly there is potential to make serious savings compared to conventional fuel sources, and secondly, nothing ever quite pushes the warm ‘n’ cosy buttons like a real fireplace. And whether you like your cost savings dressed as stylish and ultra modern or prefer them cloaked in the guise of a traditional kitchen range there’s a wood burning stove that’s just right for you.

Using Rooflights in your Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that can often benefit from more natural light. It’s a place where lots of work will be carried out and the more visibility, the better. This means that the kitchen can be a perfect place for you to install roof lights and skylights in your home. Rooflights can really brighten up your kitchen when used correctly. You will need to decide where to position them to get the most out of them. If you have an extension, this is the perfect place to put your roof lights as the space can get a little bit dull without some help. You will also need to choose the perfect shape and style to suit your building. You... Read More »

Understanding The Basics Of Commercial Interior De...

The current trends in commercial interior design are reflecting a major shift away from the environment that is often associated with offices and commercial areas. It seems that the latest commercial interior designs are being influenced by the hospitality industry, the economy and the need for authenticity. An interior space can serve as either a welcoming comfort or a subconscious aversion to the viewer. It is clearly important in the home where one wants to unwind. However, the business or workplace provides different challenges than one would need to meet in a home. Thus, the importance of a commercial interior design company in Northampton is readily apparent.