Renovating a House from Scratch

A renovation is not a task to be taken lightly. However, it can help you to buy a property for a lower price if you choose one that will need some work. It can also be a very rewarding process, allowing you to personalise a home and put your mark on it. Some people even renovate homes for a living, selling them on for a higher price once the renovation is complete. If you take on a renovation project, be prepared for some hard work. You will need to make sure you have planning permission for any big changes and have official architects’ drawings for the plans. You must begin with a plan – even if it doesn’t work out... Read More »

Is a Glass Room Also Good for Winter?

A glass room has a somewhat summery feel about it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the sun streaming in, whilst you relax with beautiful views of your garden and a cup of coffee. You shouldn’t rule out the use of a glass room in the winter as well, though. There can be something very beautiful about the concept of sitting indoors and enjoying the view, without being cold and uncomfortable. Some might even call it a decadent way to enjoy the outdoors. Glass rooms can actually stay very warm in the winter, so you needn’t worry about cold. The sun coming in will warm it up immediately, as the room is almost exclusively made of glass. You will... Read More »

The Markilux Roof Festoon in the Conservatory

The roof is amongst the part of the home that should perform its best to keep things running. Any disorder in the integrity of the ceiling and the entire home can be a part of the sand. It not only protects us from heat, cold and rain but acts as a perfect support for your roof lightings. The integrity of the ceiling can be sustained through the regular inspection and maintenance work. Never allow your roof to let in a position, where it can not be repaired. Routine maintenance and inspection are the tools that enable your roof to function properly during its entire lifetime.

Using Rooflights in your Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that can often benefit from more natural light. It’s a place where lots of work will be carried out and the more visibility, the better. This means that the kitchen can be a perfect place for you to install roof lights and skylights in your home. Rooflights can really brighten up your kitchen when used correctly. You will need to decide where to position them to get the most out of them. If you have an extension, this is the perfect place to put your roof lights as the space can get a little bit dull without some help. You will also need to choose the perfect shape and style to suit your building. You... Read More »

Security Matters

When it comes to protecting valuables and the people you care about, the exterior of the home is the first line of defence against any threat. Amongst these threats, the most dangerous to a home are burglars. About 733,000 incidents were recorded in England and Wales in just a two-year period. With this high number of domestic burglaries, safety is an important factor to consider now more than ever before. To ensure safety, the Seceuroglide Excel was innovated. This garage door is more than just a door that helps shelter your car from weather and wandering hands. Outfitted with the latest attributes, this garage door is the first to be approved by Police and Insurance. It contains all the specifications... Read More »