How to find the right dinning room table for your ...

A dining room is a place where you can relax and unwind, enjoying a meal with family or friends. Some people have a separate dining room whilst others have a living room / dining room or a kitchen diner. When choosing your dining room table, it is important to consider how many seats you need around the table and also how much room you have available. If you often need to seat 6 or more people then you will need a large table. If there is only 2-4 of you and you rarely have people round for dinner then a smaller table will often be enough. Extending tables are the perfect option for those with limited space but who would... Read More »

Choosing a new dining room table

When it comes to choosing a new table for your dining room you need to think about who it looks but also how practical it it. It is important to measure the dimensions and check that it will actually fit in the space you have available without over cluttering the room. If you sometimes have people over for dinner then you may want to get a table that can be easily extended. Sometimes people push their table up against a wall and then pull it out if they need more seating. You may only have 4 or 6 chairs with your table, but you will need to keep spare should you have guests round. You can get some really lovely... Read More »

Using Rooflights in your Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that can often benefit from more natural light. It’s a place where lots of work will be carried out and the more visibility, the better. This means that the kitchen can be a perfect place for you to install roof lights and skylights in your home. Rooflights can really brighten up your kitchen when used correctly. You will need to decide where to position them to get the most out of them. If you have an extension, this is the perfect place to put your roof lights as the space can get a little bit dull without some help. You will also need to choose the perfect shape and style to suit your building. You... Read More »

Thinking about kitchen lighting

These days the kitchen is often considered the most important room of the house as it is not only a place where we eat, prepare food and cook but also a place for socialising, studying, playing games and even watching television. Therefore, good kitchen lighting is essential. General kitchen lighting is usually provided by natural light from windows and/or skylights and from a ceiling fitting of some kind. This may be from a fluorescent strip light, recessed down lights, a hanging pendant light or spotlights. There is nothing worse than trying to cut salad vegetables or stir soup in shadow, so it is important to have good task lighting. The main areas which require good task lighting will be over... Read More »

Kitchen furniture that is kid friendly

If you have young children you will be well aware of the mess they can make when eating. Dinner is often flung up walls, all across the table and all over the floor so it makes sense to consider this when choosing kitchen furniture and flooring. Wipe clean tables are great for messy dinner times, allowing you to easily clean up afterwards and not have to worry about scratches and stains. They are usually very hard wearing and they do come in an attractive range of styles to suit most homes. Chairs that are upholstered often get stained very easy so you may want to find stain resistant material, leather (that can be easily cleaned) or plastic chairs. When it... Read More »