Made to Measure Wooden Kitchens

It is well known these days that a beautiful kitchen will make any house easier to sell. We spend more on our kitchens these days that we did 25 years ago and nowadays the kitchen is often the hub of the house and will also incorporate a dining and entertaining area too. If you have the money, it is worth investing in a bespoke, hand-made wooden kitchen. Pine kitchens can be easily painted and re-painted in a different colour a few years later when styles change. You may want a kitchen with elaborate wood working, beading and plinths or a simpler Amish style design or even one with free standing units. A bespoke kitchen is made exactly to your design... Read More »

Buffing A Dining Table

Polishing a dining table is great as it gives the table a deep shine when it may have started to look dull and discoloured. Only issue with repeated polishing is that a build-up of dirt may appear. This is why you should wax and buff your table, helping to give it a deep shine whilst also filling in any tiny scratch and/or scuff which may have appeared on the table. Apply some furniture wax onto a cloth and apply using long strokes, covering the table with a thin coat. Don’t worry about using too much wax, as your table won’t need it. Once you’ve applied the wax, allow it to dry for the recommended amount time (this can be found... Read More »