SWS Insulated Roller Doors for Garages: Style Meet...

SWS insulated roller garage doors are leading the way in terms of garage door technology and innovation. At the same time they are highly stylish, developed to meet the needs of the aesthetic conscious homeowner who also needs to know that their garage will be safe, easy to access and highly secure. In short, an SWS roller garage door will have everything needed to provide ultimate value for money. An SWS roller garage door can also come with additional insulation, though even standard SeceuroGlide products from SWS will have very good insulation anyway. This is thanks to the technology specifically developed and used by SWS for all of their garage doors, which will help to keep heat in and regulate... Read More »

Buying Hardwood Decking for a Self-Installation Pr...

Hardwood decking is a beautiful, hardy option for improving a property and making the most of your outdoor space. It is often a DIY project that people will take on, because modern decking boards should be easy enough to fit together with a little bit of prior knowledge and some basic experience of the decking and DIY projects. If you are going to have new decking installed at your property, think about doing it yourself to save some money and make this a key consideration. There are some factors that you will need to consider which will make the installation simpler for you, especially if this is something quite new to you. Initially you should make sure your decking boards... Read More »

Creating a practical but elegant home office

So many of us have found ourselves having to work from home this year and it may be for some that this becomes the norm. Many jobs can be done from the comfort of our own home but often there can be too many distractions and it is not ideal if you are working from your sofa. It may eb that you have a spare room or even an area within another room that you can use as an office. Some people use the space under the stairs or section of part of a dining room. A home office needs to be practical but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the overall look and finish. Fully fitted bespoke... Read More »

Stylish Roller Shutter Doors for Achieving Kerb Ap...

Kerb appeal: everyone wants it. Not all homes have it, though, and it’s not always easy to know how to achieve it. Stylish roller shutter doors can help make this more achievable; they’re modern, minimalist, high quality, and designed to last too, so the best thing about them is that you can enjoy this new found kerb appeal for many years to come. A roller shutter door is a good investment for any home that has a garage or outbuilding for a multitude of reasons, and not least because of the appearance of them and how much they can lift the way that a home looks. Roller shutter doors are a popular kind of garage door in the UK as... Read More »

What Makes Good Decking Boards?

Grass, turf, flower beds, patios, pergolas… all of these are key design features that people might incorporate into a garden. However, one that is becoming ever more popular and that is highly practical as well is decking. A decking area is versatile and usable all year round, plus it can transform the appearance of a garden. The chosen decking boards will play a key role in how the decking area will look and be used; selecting the perfect boards is one of the main decisions when deciding to install a new decking area in your garden. Here are some tips for choosing good decking boards for your garden decking installation project: Material is essential. Decking, like any kind of garden... Read More »