How lighting can totally transform a room

Lighting is so very important to the ambience of a room yet very often it is a bit of an afterthought. Lighting can totally transform a room and should be considered in the designs as it may be that you want wall lights installing that may need to be done prior to wallpapering or painting. If you have a kitchen diner then you need to easily be able to change the lighting. You may want it bright for when you are cooking or cleaning but then a little more subtle for when you are entertaining or eating. Many people install under cupboard lighting in the kitchen so they can have a subtle light on all the time. This is usually... Read More »

When Would you Choose an Around the Corner Door?

An around the corner door operates differently to other top hinged types of door, instead sliding around the inside of the garage to open and close. There is a vast range of options available in terms of the aesthetics, and this type of door can prove very effective for a variety of different homes. Round the corner doors have been around for quite a while but compared to their more traditional counterparts like up and over or roller shutter doors, they are relatively new. They have also undergone many changes and development over time, bringing them up to date and ensuring they compare favourably to their counterparts. Around the corner doors are available with solid panels as well as with... Read More »

Sheltered Outdoor Areas with Glass Verandas

Spending time outside is good for the health, both mental and physical; fresh air, pleasant views and a change of scene from being inside the house are all very good for you. Outdoor space can be enhanced with features like glass verandas that are constructed over a patio or seating area, providing a place to sit and relax with comfort and shade available. A veranda is essentially like a covered type of patio, but the use of glass allows sunlight to penetrate and doesn’t make you feel cut off from the sky views and sunshine that make the experience of being out of doors unique. It’s a way to connect with nature, with the additional benefit of protection from the... Read More »

Roller Garage Doors for a New Homeowner

If you’ve just moved house, you will want everything to be perfect – you’ve moved so you can start enjoying your dream home and creating a happier, more fulfilling family life. The garage is an important consideration and can be a non-negotiable feature for some families. However, they’re also one of the easiest parts of the home to neglect, because vendors can still sell the house for a better price when it has a garage, regardless of the condition it’s in. Doors can be the first thing to go, letting in cold draughts, failing to open safely, and generally becoming something of a security hazard as they deteriorate in condition. Roller garage doors are one of the easiest solutions available... Read More »

Putting up a New Garden Fence

It might seem easy to put up a new garden fence, and it’s true that it might not be too taxing for someone who is experienced in DIY. However, you might also find that it’s more challenging than you think, especially if you have to remove old fencing first. Installing a garden fence is a process that you want to think about carefully before going ahead and doing it. Think about the fence you are going to buy, first and foremost. There are different finishes and types of wood to select from, letting you personalise your fence and design your outdoor space in the way that you want it. Make sure it comes with all the fixings for installation and... Read More »