Rooflights in Kitchens - the Heart of the Home

Rooflights are perfect for any part of the home, but it might be argued nowhere more so than the kitchen. The kitchen is so important aesthetically, whether you have an eat in kitchen or a smaller space that’s just for cooking. A brighter room can make a big difference to the way you feel when you’re in there. Rooflights can be used in kitchens of all sizes to really open the space up to its full potential. It’s also possible to have hinged rooflights for added ventilation, something that is very important for the air quality in the kitchen. It can also help to reduce damp in this humid room, making your kitchen a healthier environment to be in. A... Read More »

Glass Rooms for Entertaining

A glass room is the perfect option for entertaining. If you love having people round, cooking a meal, sharing some drinks, or simply talking and laughing together, a glass room can make these kinds of experiences all the more pleasurable. They provide a light, bright atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy some beautiful views across your garden and the areas surrounding your home. Glass rooms can be built to any size and scale that works for your home. This will often mean building into your garden, but as it will make your home more usable, this shouldn’t be seen as a negative. You should think of it as giving yourself a new way to enjoy your garden space, with... Read More »

Building a Garden Glass Room on a Budget

Garden glass rooms are a beautiful, creative and simple way to expand the footprint of your home. It can give you considerably more living space within your same four walls, but it won’t cost nearly as much as a traditional brick home extension. If you want to create a glass extension on a budget, it is perfectly possible. So what exactly is a garden glass room and how can it be such good value for money? A garden glass room might be called many things, including a glass extension, a garden room or a glass room. Essentially, all of these descriptions work – it is a space for you to enjoy your garden more, to extend your home and to... Read More »

Why is a Glass Veranda More Versatile?

If you have been looking at installing a veranda, you might have seen lots about glass verandas and how they might benefit you. One of the benefits is that they are more versatile – but how? And why? Here are some of the reasons why they can prove to be so versatile for you and your home: Glass works, come rain or shine. You won’t need to worry about the weather, because a glass veranda will be there for you regardless. You can enjoy the protection of solid glass without feeling at all shut in – the design of a glass veranda will give you everything you need to benefit from the outdoors. You will enjoy beautiful views. Some people... Read More »

Choosing Timber Sectional Doors for Style and Conv...

What is it that makes timber sectional doors so special? Is it the rustic charm and sense of style? Is it the simple operation? Is it the fact they are so easy to maintain and repair? In truth, all of these benefits work together to make timber sectional doors one of the most premium, attractive and all-round excellent types of garage door on the market. There are many different styles in the shops, and if you are a homeowner committed to looking after the best interests of your property, you can’t go wrong with a timber sectional garage door. A timber sectional door will roll up on a frame, into the roof of the garage, operating vertically for more convenience... Read More »