The Opulence of a Chandelier

Chandeliers have been around for several hundred years and have adorned the houses of the rich and wealthy.  From medieval times until the late nineteenth century with the invention of electricity, chandeliers held candles as a source of light.  In the castles and palaces of the richest people in the world, chandeliers are a sign of huge wealth but are also very beautiful in design, often made of many, small tear drop shapes and petal-shaped lead crystal glass which refracts light into a myriad of subtle colours. With the arrival of electricity, chandeliers were no longer just a symbol of luxury for the rich and famous.  Providing you have a decent sized room and, even more importantly, a relatively high-ceilinged... Read More »

Timber Beams for an Inglenook Fireplace

An inglenook fireplace is a sophisticated yet traditional type of fireplace, and it is common in many period style homes. Inglenooks made their names as large fireplaces offering British families warmth in the cold months, and no inglenook is truly complete without a timber beam running across the top. If you have a large open fireplace, perhaps with an exposed brick surround, then bring out the style further with a well finished timber beam.  There’s a certain elegance that a timber beam can bring to a home, and who would have thought it; considering it’s technically just a big chunk of wood. These always look great on exposed brick walls, while it’s important to chose a timber beam with character... Read More »

Rooflights and Skylights Brands by The National Do...

Overviews of our own brand rooflights   Thermadome Roof light Thermadome polycarbonate rooflights, available in a range of shapes, with a choice of glazing & ventilation options to suit every need. Manufactured to the highest quality, they are the perfect solution for most flat roof applications. With a large range of 45 sizes available from stock for immediate delivery and over 70 non stock sizes available to order there is bound to be a skylight to match your requirement.   Stardome Roof Light Stardome Skylights are high quality flat roof polycarbonate domed rooflights designed to make optimum use of natural light. They are perfect for a project where size limitations mean you need a rooflight made to your specific requirements... Read More »

Oak Garage Doors

Oak Garage Doors – The Facts Oak is traditionally an incredibly difficult timber species to manufacture garage doors with, because it is extremely heavy and might be very unstable in the varying air moisture content that we have here in the U.K. However Oak garage doors truly are also a beautiful grained timber and required by many people to match present doors, windows along with other oak timber around the exterior house structure.