How to make the most out of a small living room

If the rooms in your home are relatively small, it is important that you try and ensure that you make them look as spacious as possible. Obviously, having less items and furniture in the room will make it look bigger but it is a balancing act and you still want it to look homely and be comfortable. First of all, try and think carefully about the furniture in the room. Sofas with big bulky arms or high backs can just make the room look even smaller. Maybe try and choose a slim line corner sofa which you can pad out with cushions to add extra comfort. You don’t have to have a coffee table in the middle of your room,... Read More »

Ways to bring the wow factor into your home

Many householders want to update their home furnishings but do not know the items and areas to concentrate on which will have the biggest impact. There are a few key points that are worth considering when you want to bring the wow factor into your home. Mirrors are a great way to give the illusion of more space in the rooms of the house, especially in hallways. They can be used to reflect natural light back into the room lighting up dark areas effectively. The bigger the better if you want to use a mirror to create an impact is the key. The trend for growing houseplants has declined in recent years but the luscious greenery of a large feature... Read More »

Does your dining room furniture need a makeover?

If you enjoy entertaining family and friends and regularly use the dining room for large family meals, you will need the right dining room furniture that will enable you to do this successfully. This may mean buying a table that can extend to cater for more diners but one that in normal circumstances can be folded away and so will not take up too much space. Seating can be problematic as dining chairs can be quite bulky to store so consider folding chairs in addition to a few dining chairs that are used regularly. These folding chairs can be stored in a bedroom or garage and brought out to use when there are lots of visitors. It is a good... Read More »

Sheltered Outdoor Areas with Glass Verandas

Spending time outside is good for the health, both mental and physical; fresh air, pleasant views and a change of scene from being inside the house are all very good for you. Outdoor space can be enhanced with features like glass verandas that are constructed over a patio or seating area, providing a place to sit and relax with comfort and shade available. A veranda is essentially like a covered type of patio, but the use of glass allows sunlight to penetrate and doesn’t make you feel cut off from the sky views and sunshine that make the experience of being out of doors unique. It’s a way to connect with nature, with the additional benefit of protection from the... Read More »

Looking for a New Garage Door for your Home?

There comes a time when you cannot skirt around the issue any longer – it really is time for a new garage door. You will usually be able to tell when this time has come when you simply cannot keep going with your old garage door any longer. It might be that you have come to the end of your tether with looking at an old, rusty, creaky door, that doesn’t fit properly into the space any more. It could be that you feel the door has become rickety and you can’t trust its security. Perhaps you just feel that it is time for a change, and you home now looks significantly different to when you first got your garage.... Read More »