Choosing a new dining room table

When it comes to choosing a new table for your dining room you need to think about who it looks but also how practical it it. It is important to measure the dimensions and check that it will actually fit in the space you have available without over cluttering the room. If you sometimes have people over for dinner then you may want to get a table that can be easily extended. Sometimes people push their table up against a wall and then pull it out if they need more seating. You may only have 4 or 6 chairs with your table, but you will need to keep spare should you have guests round. You can get some really lovely fold up wooden chairs that can be stored away easily and only bought out when needed.

You need to decide as to whether you opt for a wooden table or glass. Wooden tables often look nice even without a cloth on and don’t need to be polished as often as the dust doesn’t show up as much as on a glass table. You do need to be careful though with a wooden table as it may well mark easily and even drawing on top of it can leave scratch marks, so often not very practical.