Kitchen furniture that is kid friendly

If you have young children you will be well aware of the mess they can make when eating. Dinner is often flung up walls, all across the table and all over the floor so it makes sense to consider this when choosing kitchen furniture and flooring.

Wipe clean tables are great for messy dinner times, allowing you to easily clean up afterwards and not have to worry about scratches and stains. They are usually very hard wearing and they do come in an attractive range of styles to suit most homes. Chairs that are upholstered often get stained very easy so you may want to find stain resistant material, leather (that can be easily cleaned) or plastic chairs.

When it comes to flooring again you should be looking for something hard wearing that doesn’t show up every little mark otherwise you will be having to mop it after every meal time. Laminate looks nice but can mark easily and warp over time.