Thinking about kitchen lighting

These days the kitchen is often considered the most important room of the house as it is not only a place where we eat, prepare food and cook but also a place for socialising, studying, playing games and even watching television.

Therefore, good kitchen lighting is essential.

General kitchen lighting is usually provided by natural light from windows and/or skylights and from a ceiling fitting of some kind. This may be from a fluorescent strip light, recessed down lights, a hanging pendant light or spotlights.

There is nothing worse than trying to cut salad vegetables or stir soup in shadow, so it is important to have good task lighting. The main areas which require good task lighting will be over the cooker and kitchen sink and above worktops which are used for food preparation or making tea or coffee. Lights which fit under wall hung kitchen cabinets and which are hidden by the narrow plinth at the bottom are ideal for illuminating worktops. Lighting over the cooker may be provided by the cooker hood. If this is not the case, then you could make sure that you have one or two recessed down lights placed over the cooker and the sink area.

Accent lighting is used to accentuate items in a room. This could be a light over a picture or photo frame or lighting up a glass cabinet which contains special glassware or the best china.

Finally, don’t forget ambient lighting which is lighting which cannot be seen but which can be extremely effective. Consider placing strip lighting on top of kitchen cupboards which lights up the ceiling, bouncing back to give a soft warm glow to your surroundings.