Rooflights and Skylights Brands by The National Domelight Company

Overviews of our own brand rooflights


Thermadome Roof light

Thermadome polycarbonate rooflights, available in a range of shapes, with a choice of glazing & ventilation options to suit every need. Manufactured to the highest quality, they are the perfect solution for most flat roof applications. With a large range of 45 sizes available from stock for immediate delivery and over 70 non stock sizes available to order there is bound to be a skylight to match your requirement.


Stardome Roof Light

Stardome Skylights are high quality flat roof polycarbonate domed rooflights designed to make optimum use of natural light. They are perfect for a project where size limitations mean you need a rooflight made to your specific requirements without having to wait long lead times. Stardome offer a huge range of sizes to meet any requirement you may have whether installing above or below the roof insulation. With outstanding thermal qualities they are available as dome only or with a PVC, Thermally broken Aluminum or GRP upstand offering huge choice and excellent quality.



Starglaze are flat double glazed glass rooflights, offering a cost effective solution for those who still want all the benefits of glass while keeping to a budget. Available with splayed and vertical kerbs, and a variety of fixed and hinged ventilation options. The kerb’s cellular construction means there is no cold bridging: reducing the risk of condensation whilst ensuring good insulation and low U values. Starglaze is also available as a top only solution for those who wish to fit to their own timber kerb.


Astroglaze Rooflight

Astroglaze are aesthetically designed glass rooflights, with high insulation values and offer simple on-site installation. They are designed to sit over builders timber kerbs and can be made to order to custom sizes in either single piece units or large multi-section units. Standard glazing is supplied clear, with a 90mm wide sandblasted border around the perimeter of the unit. This can be tailored to suit your individual kerb width – creating a smart appearance when viewed from either below or above.



Solarglaze are double glazed glass rooflights: a flat glass construction which combines good aesthetics with excellent acoustics and thermal qualities. Insulated kerbs are supplied as standard, and both fixed and electrically hinged variants are currently available in a selection of standard sizes. Solarglaze rooflights are perfect for those looking for a complete rooflight solution without having to construct your own kerb.



Thermalight glass rooflights are a premium quality, low profile system that utilises triple sealed, structurally bonded glass, making it ideal for flat roof low pitch applications. The range provides a long term and high quality daylight solution with an architectural style and clean looks.

Perfect for those looking for a non-obtrusive modern, minimalistic rooflight design with a quality that surpasses all others. The largest range of standard and bespoke options available from any of our brands.