Bring a splash of colour back into your home furnishings

The colour of choice in interior decorating in recent times seems to have become grey with householders choosing to paint their interior walls grey and having a different tone of grey for the carpets. Although they may add accessories of a different colour the overall look of the room is muted however, a change is on the way as people choose instead to use vibrant colours in their home furnishings to bring a feel-good factor to their living space.

Bringing a fun element into the home can be a real mood booster which many people need right now and being surrounded by lovely bright items can brighten our living rooms massively.

When choosing colourful furnishings for the home try to decide what the focal point of the area is going to be whether it be a chair, sofa or wall art. Then think about dressing the furniture with colourful or patterned cushions and throws or having a large striking piece of wall art hung in a prominent position in the room.

Even a kitchen can be transformed by the use of bright and vibrant appliances and quirky painted crockery on display on shelving around the walls. So, ditch those tired magnolia interiors and choose a colour palette that will bring you joy.