Create a new dining room in your property

For some people who enjoy entertaining family and friends having a separate dining room is an advantage and is often preferable to having a dining area in the kitchen or living room. For those living in a bungalow with an unused bedroom converting one of the spare bedrooms into a dining room could be an option. It makes sense to do this if the spare bedroom is rarely used and is quite a simple to do.

If the decoration of the room is more fitting for a bedroom it may need to be changed. Plain walls are probably a better choice with a feature wall painted in a different colour or wallpapered with a bold patterned paper. If the room is small it is best to stay away from wallpaper with a large pattern as this can make the room look tiny. A simple change such as new curtains or blinds can be used to update the look of the room as can new flooring such as laminate or tiles which are sometimes a better choice than carpet for a dining room where there may be food or drink spills.

The dining room furniture choice needs to be carefully thought out and may depend upon the size of the room. Extendable tables and folding chairs may be more suitable if the room is small but if there is room, a larger table and perhaps a sideboard to provide storage would be a better choice.