Oak Garage Doors

Oak Garage Doors

– The Facts

Oak is traditionally an incredibly difficult timber species to manufacture garage doors with, because it is extremely heavy and might be very unstable in the varying air moisture content that we have here in the U.K. However Oak garage doors truly are also a beautiful grained timber and required by many people to match present doors, windows along with other oak timber around the exterior house structure.

Why chose an Oak garage door

The weight of oak is the greater of the two challenges as single garage doors contain 3 to 4 times the volume of timber that a front entrance door generally has and to lift it above your head in a one piece up and over panel is clearly going to be a basic safety issue as well as a mechanical challenge without enormous springs and oversized lifting arms. Although it is possible, the sizes are often more restricted than with sectional or round the corner garage door systems.

We can offer Oak garage doors produced using the superb Hormann DF98 chassis system to manufacture a one piece up and over garage door panel in the UK with comprehensive CE compliance. Using various types of oak in varied designs a garage door can be built up to about 4 metres wide maximum and a maximum height of about 2.4 metres.

Classic Oak Doors

The designs in the oak door range can recreate very classic styles and are only available in a clear base coat finish to enhance the natural beauty of the Oak graining along with the warmth of the oak colour.

The oak garage doors are built using standard joinery methods combined with aspects from modern up and over garage door engineering offering the very latest fully retractable operating gear completely compliant with the latest CE regulations.

Engineered oak is the most recent premium quality material to build long lasting garage doors from. We can offer doors using this extremely stable version of oak and all estimates are on request.