Sheltered Outdoor Areas with Glass Verandas

Spending time outside is good for the health, both mental and physical; fresh air, pleasant views and a change of scene from being inside the house are all very good for you. Outdoor space can be enhanced with features like glass verandas that are constructed over a patio or seating area, providing a place to sit and relax with comfort and shade available. A veranda is essentially like a covered type of patio, but the use of glass allows sunlight to penetrate and doesn’t make you feel cut off from the sky views and sunshine that make the experience of being out of doors unique. It’s a way to connect with nature, with the additional benefit of protection from the weather.

Shelter is important to make the most of an outside area at home. Here’s why:

  • Protection from rain. It’s very important you have some kind of shelter in place if you want to get the maximum amount of enjoyment from an outdoor area. Therefore a veranda or another form of shelter can really help; weather can turn very quickly in the UK and it’s such a shame if a little bit of rain spoils your enjoyment of your garden, patio or courtyard. You’ll really appreciate the extra shelter from your veranda if the weather gets worse during a party or gathering, or if you’re simply relaxing outside your home.
  • A focal area. A veranda makes a patio area look more complete, finishing it off aesthetically. Patios on there own can look bare or out of place, so a veranda can help tie all of this in together. The shelter or a veranda will be much appreciated from an aesthetic point of view too.
  • Shelter from the wind. Wind can be just as problematic as rain, especially if you’re hosting a BBQ or another kind of outdoor party with food, drinks and cooking. You might be surprised how much difference a simple veranda can make when reducing wind chill and giving you more shelter from gusts. This can enable you to spend more time out of doors and enjoy your patio area all the more.
  • A way of merging indoors with outdoors. Additional shelter over a patio can help it to feel more like an extension of your home; the difference between indoors and outdoors isn’t as great. Psychologically this can be a very good thing if you are trying to use your outdoor space more and make the most of having it there. You’ll feel like it’s a natural progression of the rest of your home, with a roof in place to help you feel sheltered and cosy, despite being outside and enjoying the fresh air.  

A place to hang heating and lighting. If you want to make your patio into a feature complete with heating and lighting you’ll need to find a way of integrating them and hanging them. A veranda and the structures that support it can also support heating and lighting systems, conveniently tying all of your outdoor area improvements together into one.