Stylish Roller Shutter Doors for Achieving Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal: everyone wants it. Not all homes have it, though, and it’s not always easy to know how to achieve it. Stylish roller shutter doors can help make this more achievable; they’re modern, minimalist, high quality, and designed to last too, so the best thing about them is that you can enjoy this new found kerb appeal for many years to come. A roller shutter door is a good investment for any home that has a garage or outbuilding for a multitude of reasons, and not least because of the appearance of them and how much they can lift the way that a home looks.

Roller shutter doors are a popular kind of garage door in the UK as they are a step up from the typical up and over door that homes generally come with. This is because they have a vertical opening mechanism that makes them a good space saving solution and they can easily be automated – choose from a manual roller shutter or an electric one. They are therefore easy to open and close, quickly as well. It’s easy to see why these doors have become popular for garages.

There’s more to a roller shutter door, though, and their appearance is something that sets them apart. They are made of a clean sheet of aluminium or metal, or another high quality material perhaps wit a tough vinyl coating to make sure it will last. This makes them very minimalist in nature – not bulky like some older garage door models. They can be utilised in such a flexible way too, so they can suit any kind of home, be it a modern new build or a traditional country estate. When choosing a roller shutter door there will be lots of personalisation options out there.

Why is a roller shutter door going to help you achieve a more attractive home?

Roller shutter garage doors naturally lend themselves to a variety of domestic settings, where they will look completely at home and will immediately blend in with the existing surroundings. These are some of the key reasons why they are such an attractive option:

  1. Slimline and minimal. This is an attractive option for the modern homeowner, who will want to make sure their home has a neat, clean appearance, especially in the garden and outdoor areas which they will want to look well maintained.
  2. Available in many different finishes. Timber finishes are very popular, such as oak, mahogany and rosewood. So are other colours and finishes – clean white doors, or doors in other statement colours, all have their place. It is up to the individual homeowner which they pick and the doors can be specifically chosen to match front entrance doors or uPVC windows to create a better aesthetic everywhere.
  3. Can fit in with current aesthetics. Roller doors are very slim and can be used more flexibly because of this. They can fit into many different opening sizes, even those that have beams or other design features which might be present already.