The Opulence of a Chandelier

Chandeliers have been around for several hundred years and have adorned the houses of the rich and wealthy.  From medieval times until the late nineteenth century with the invention of electricity, chandeliers held candles as a source of light.  In the castles and palaces of the richest people in the world, chandeliers are a sign of huge wealth but are also very beautiful in design, often made of many, small tear drop shapes and petal-shaped lead crystal glass which refracts light into a myriad of subtle colours.

With the arrival of electricity, chandeliers were no longer just a symbol of luxury for the rich and famous.  Providing you have a decent sized room and, even more importantly, a relatively high-ceilinged room, then you too could have a modest chandelier to create light in your room which is also a focal point of interest. Do make sure that your chandelier does not hang so low that it may bump tall guests who are invited into your home and do ensure that it does not obscure vision.  Unless you are installing a small chandelier, you will need to consider where to fix it and to make doubly sure that this fixing is capable of holding up such a heavy fixture.  To keep your chandelier sparkling and beautiful, you will need to clean it regularly and do bear in mind, that it will take more than a two minute flick over with a duster.