Timber Beams for an Inglenook Fireplace

An inglenook fireplace is a sophisticated yet traditional type of fireplace, and it is common in many period style homes. Inglenooks made their names as large fireplaces offering British families warmth in the cold months, and no inglenook is truly complete without a timber beam running across the top.

If you have a large open fireplace, perhaps with an exposed brick surround, then bring out the style further with a well finished timber beam.  There’s a certain elegance that a timber beam can bring to a home, and who would have thought it; considering it’s technically just a big chunk of wood.

These always look great on exposed brick walls, while it’s important to chose a timber beam with character and personality, so perhaps one with a few knots as well as various colours because this will give you inglenook fireplace a distressed look, and it can really work in a living room.