What Makes Good Decking Boards?

Grass, turf, flower beds, patios, pergolas… all of these are key design features that people might incorporate into a garden. However, one that is becoming ever more popular and that is highly practical as well is decking. A decking area is versatile and usable all year round, plus it can transform the appearance of a garden. The chosen decking boards will play a key role in how the decking area will look and be used; selecting the perfect boards is one of the main decisions when deciding to install a new decking area in your garden.

Here are some tips for choosing good decking boards for your garden decking installation project:

  1. Material is essential. Decking, like any kind of garden or exterior installation, is a personal preference. Everybody will have a different idea about what constitutes the perfect decking and as such, you will want to ensure you choose the perfect material from the vast range of products that are out there. Popular types of timber that can be used for decking include oak, larch, redwood and Yellow Balau. Within each of these wood species, there are also different types, such as English larch and Siberian larch. This will affect the colour and tone of the timber as well as its density. Decking timber can also be stained and can received different finishes ahead of purchasing it, so familiarise yourself with the different finishes on offer too and make a fully informed decision.
  2. Pick a quality, reputable company. This is essential for the quality of any product that you buy online, but no more so than with a timber product such as decking boards. Good decking boards will be fully traceable, so they will come from sustainable sources, and this can be proven. Make sure that the decking you choose is from a responsible company that prioritises the environment and good forestry management.
  3. Get a sample first. Shopping online for decking products is very convenient, but it might not always be the best approach – unless, of course, you can see the decking first. In this case, buying online will be easier, quicker and usually cheaper as well. If you are thinking of shopping for decking online, make sure you can get a sample first so you know exactly what you are selecting.
  4. Make sure you know how to install the boards. Good decking will only look its best if it has been properly installed (which will also make it safe and even to walk on as well, so it is a very important step). If you are an inexperienced installer and you don’t want to get an installation service as well, then decking tiles could be a good option. They are easier to install than decking boards and can be a good option for beginners. If you are confident in laying decking, then you can buy full length boards that will give you the traditional decking appearance. If you buy from a reputable company, these should come with full installation instructions.