When Would you Choose an Around the Corner Door?

An around the corner door operates differently to other top hinged types of door, instead sliding around the inside of the garage to open and close. There is a vast range of options available in terms of the aesthetics, and this type of door can prove very effective for a variety of different homes.

Round the corner doors have been around for quite a while but compared to their more traditional counterparts like up and over or roller shutter doors, they are relatively new. They have also undergone many changes and development over time, bringing them up to date and ensuring they compare favourably to their counterparts. Around the corner doors are available with solid panels as well as with glazing, and they come in various colours to enhance their appearance. They are also well insulated and come in double skinned insulated steel panels, timber, or composite timber.

When would a round the corner garage door be a perfect choice for you?

Around the corner doors are aesthetically pleasing and are generally manufactured using very high quality materials. This makes them suitable for a variety of garages and ideal for modern living.

There are two main situations in which an around the corner door would be the most logical decision:

  1. When a garage door opening is wider than usual. Round the corner doors are usually chosen when a large door is needed. They come in sizes that are larger than standard, and because of their opening mechanism, it will not matter that they are larger, bulkier and heavier. A top hung door of an equal size might put too much strain on the mechanism and might not open effectively, or might not last for as long as is needed. This makes a round the corner garage door far more effective for these types of unusual openings.
  2. When the top of the garage opening is an unusual shape. It might be an arched shape, or something else that is non standard, which would make it difficult to attach an up and over door, a vertical roller door, or a sectional garage door that would need to slide up behind the opening and into the roof on tracks. An around the corner door allows you to avoid this problem, with the door instead opening horizontally and sliding around the inside of the garage walls. Therefore an unusual opening will not affect this type of garage door.

If you are unsure of the best type of garage door for your home, look at what you have currently and think about how it operates. What are the challenges and restrictions? Are there any difficulties you have? What would improve this? Consider whether a round the corner door would improve any of the challenges you face and decide if it would be the right choice for you. To get an idea of how they operate and the aesthetics factors, you can look at them online or visit a garage door showroom to see them in action.