Choosing new garden furniture

When the weather starts to improve many of us look at our garden and want to spruce it up a bit ready for the summer. This may be mowing the lawns, tidying the hedges or updating your garden furniture.

There are many different types of garden furniture on the market all depending on what your budget and lifestyle allows for.

Hanging egg chairs are highly fashionable for example, however, if you have young children who may be inclined to swing on them they may not quite be up to task!

Wooden garden furniture is very popular as it can be painted or varnished so is easy to update each year and should stand the test of time however they can be quite costly to purchase.

Rattan furniture is very popular and has the added bonus of looking stylish being dressed with big cushions to bring indoor living outside. It’s also lightweight so easy to move around the garden as and when you need.  

Traditional style cast iron garden furniture looks very classy and will certainly last a very long time but it is very heavy so not ideal to move around and not comfy enough to sit on for long periods of time.  When it comes to garden furniture there really is something for everyone!