Hiding clutter with clever storage ideas

For many of us, clutter is the bane of our lives. It hinders our everyday lives and makes work, whether is by having to tidy it up or by cleaning it. If you can’t bear to part with it though, then the next best idea is to hide it away. There are many clever storage solutions available these days.

Look at all the unused spaces in your home to see where you could create more storage – under the stairs, above the stairs, under beds, in alcoves or in the loft. You could build shelves around your landing, above the level of the doors, to store books, for instance. To hide alcove shelving, consider fitting louvred doors to the front or hanging a curtain from a rail at the top. Or consider buying furniture which doubles up as storage. An old fashioned trunk with attractive handles may make a perfect coffee table and also the ideal place for storing newspapers and magazines or children’s toys. Shallow plastic boxes which can be stowed out of sight under a bed are perfect for storing Winter bedding, shoes or clothes which are out of season. For smaller items, you can buy pretty cardboard boxes in a plethora of patterns and colours, for hiding away knick knacks and mementoes. Store out of reach, but in view, on the top of a wardrobe or cardboard.  With some inventive thinking, you may still have your clutter, but at least it will be out of sight and hopefully, out of mind too.