Is it worth re-covering my sofa?

Everywhere you look furniture companies are offering sofas at discount prices and it can be tempting to think that grabbing one of these bargains is the best option if your sofa is looking a bit worn. If the sofa you own is still good structurally so that the frame is solid, and cushions are firm it could be that re-covering the sofa is a better option.

Furniture that was made in the past was often better quality than the furniture most of us have in our homes now. Pieces were made to last and were often passed on to subsequent generations, so it is worth restoring some pieces of furniture if possible.

There are specialist furniture companies that will be able to give you a quote on re-covering chairs and sofas and at the same time they will be able to check whether the furniture is sound. Fabric swatches are usually provided so that you can choice the look that you want. If you have a leather sofa there are companies that will treat the worn leather making it look less worn yet retaining the softness that comes with leather furniture of age.

A cheaper alternative when thinking about re-covering a sofa is to buy stretch covers. These can be bought online and are a cheap and cheerful way to update the look of your furniture.