New year decorating bug

With the New Year not all that far away, many people are already planning ahead as to what they want to do in terms of their homes. It may be that you have decided that this year you want to move home so need to get your house ready for sale or perhaps you are staying put but want to be able to make some changes to make it feel more homely.

When looking to decorate your home, you first need to think about what you may come across. For example, if it is an older home, it is not uncommon to find layers of wallpaper underneath. You will also need to remember that plaster can become very fragile overtime and it is common for it to start to fall off the walls when you strip them replastering a wall or whole room can add a lot of cost on to the project, so a quick wallpapering turns in to something much more costly. You need to factor this in as once you have started it, there really is no going back.

Often once you have decorated one room, you may get the bug to do more, but don’t take on too much. Make sure you have finished one project completely before starting another as if one ends up taking a lot longer than you had hoped, you may be doing it for sometime without a break.